Sexist adverts battle is not about clothing


The Commission stated it had gotten a number of complaints about adverts which depicted women in a way that strengthened sexist stereotypes. The complaints come as two adverts by clubbing venue Uno Malta triggered a stir online, with people complaining these were inappropriate and disparaging to women.

While the Commission would not confirm whether it had actually received problems about the two adverts, it is comprehended these were at least among the source of grievances.

Following the NCPE’s require the media to avoid releasing material that objectified women, the clubbing place’s supervisor Kevin Decesare said that women are seen dressed like that all the time on TV or out in Paceville. He also contacted the Commission to focus on more crucial things.

Responding to these insurance claims, the Commission stated that opposition to the objectification and over-equalization of women in the media was directed at all representations that over-sexualize women, consisting of photos, videos and statements that appeared in different media.

Such images position women as the topic of the constant gaze and judgment of guys. They also communicate the message that a woman’s value is mostly identified by her physical appearance and her sexual appeal, the Commission said, adding that this was not the case with representation of men in the media, who are often linked to strength, supremacy and decision-making.

The context to all this is that women are underrepresented in the majority of spheres of life, such as work, and in both economic and political decision-making.

Women, more than men, face unwanted sexual advances in their everyday lives, consisting of in home entertainment and at the office. Unwanted sexual advances are carefully associated to unequal power relations and to the fact that some males feel they can assert power over women by alleviating them as sexual objects, the Commission said.