The plus-size market constitutes 12.4 pc of all UK clothes sales, so why are we still so apologetic


All I desire this summertime is a gingham t-shirt dress. I search different websites every couple of days, questioning just how much compromise I’m ready to make on the design, the color, and the length. But it’s all academic, because this product doesn’t exist in my size. No, it’s not even that I’ve found one that’s more than I wish to invest. It actually doesn’t exist. As a UK 20-22, there are a limited quantity of locations where I can go shopping.

All of which is why I completely disagree with those individuals presently petitioning retailers to lose the plus size labels. Their argument is that large size is an useless term - and one that suggests women over a size 18 are a minimal group who go shopping differently from others, dictated by out-dated rules like no stripes or strong colors.

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Sexist adverts battle is not about clothing


Opposition to sexist adverts has absolutely nothing to do with the suitability of an item of clothes, the nationwide equality commission said, nor did it hinge on the representation of sex.

Rather, the Commission stated its issue was that representations that objectify and over-sexualize women have a social and a relational effect that negatively influence women and men.

Last week, the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality, NCPE, condemned videos and statements that depict women in an over-sexualized manner and reinforce negative gender stereotypes in society.

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Navro Clothing reinventing Ghana fashion


With high rate of joblessness in Ghana, and an increase in numbers of students finishing on an annual basis, it s no doubt that imagination and entrepreneurship is the solution, as government fails to satisfy the need of these youths.

Among those youth who has actually charted a course on their own and also end up being a role model for others is Mr. Abi Christian, creator of Navro Clothing GH. Navro Clothing Gh, a Tamale based fashion company is a firm which has make it a point of responsibility making Ghanaian regional material not just a fabric to design your own t shirt wear on weekends, however likewise on week days as an outcome of its style touch.

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